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Luogo di pubblicazione Milano
Tipografo Stamperia Banchero
Data di pubblicazione 1968
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for line service

Tractive effort
Speed Km/hr.
Power installed 1700-1800 HP
Maximum speed 120 Km/hr.
Minimum radius of curve taken 90 meters
Weight on heaviest loaded axle 16.5 tons
Weight in running order with heating boiler and 2/3 of fuel and water supply 65.5 tons
Ballast can be added up to 72 tons

constructional features
The Diesel-hydraulic locomotive Gr. 342, rated at 1700 to 1800 HP, was designed and built especially for service on light permanent way.
Having only 16.5 tons bearing on its most heavily loaded axle (including the train's heating system boiler), this locomotive boasts a high-power installation coupled with a hydraulic transmission which puts that power properly to use.
Power units: two OM-FIAT, type SEVL engines, with UIC rated power outputs of 850 HP each at 1500 RPM, or two FIAT type MB820 Bb engines having 900 HP UIC each, mounted on rigid frames supported by and connected up with the locomotive's framework through springing suspension system.
Transmission: transmission of the torque and speed control as a function of the resistance offered by the load area provided automatically by way of two, independent hydro-mechanical units, one for each of the two engines, consisting principally of:
-- drive through universal joints with intermediate bearing serving as power take-off for ancillary equipment.
-- step-up gear and OM-SRM DS 1.2/1.3 double rotation hydraulic transmission.
-- differential-reversing unit for delivering the torque to the bogie axles.
-- spiral bevel gears on driving axles.
Two axle bogies with welded plate steel frame, provided with coil-spring primary suspension system working together with friction shock absorbers and a secondary suspension system with steel-rubber springs integrated by friction shock absorbers. Bolster with body side supports on shoes sliding in an oil bath.
Frame in all-welded steel, composed of two main longitudinal frame members in box sections, connected up by two heavy cross members.
Body in welded sheet metal including a central engine room and two operating cabs communicating with one another by way of the engine room.
Electrical plant for operation, control and lighting runs off 110 volts DC, supplied by two lead storage batteries having 280 Amp/hrs. capacity and charged by two 1600-Watt generators. Operating cabs and engine room are lit up by electric light bulbs.
Air brake, automatic, with graduated release, supplied by two Westinghouse compressors having a total capacity at inlet of 3900 liters at 1200 RPM. The hand brake operated by a hand lever from either cab works on one axle only of the bogie nearest the cab being used.

locations of the principle parts

1. Diesel engine
2. Transmission support and ancillary power take-off
3. Step-up gear
4. Hydraulic torque converter
5. Differential-reversing gear
6. Axle
7. Muffler
8. Engine air filter
9. Engine cooling water radiator-fan unit
10. Hydraulic fluid heat exchanger unit
11. Hydraulic pump operating radiator fans
12. Diesel engine preheating boiler
13. Generator
14. Battery case
15. Air compressor
16. Air reservoir
17. Train heating system boiler water tank
18. Fuel tank
19. Train heating system boiler
20. Electric fan for engine room ventilation
21. Control panel
22. Folding seats
23. Clothes locker
24. Electrical equipment cabinet
25. Bogie guide bearings
26. Axle torque arms

View inside engine room
Operating cab

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