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Tipografo Stamperia Banchero
Data di pubblicazione 1968
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for shunting service

1st Speed
Speed Km/hr.
2nd Speed
Speed Km/hr.
Tractive effort
Tractive effort - maximum continuous
- in shunting service 13,200 Kg. at 3,6 Km/hr.
- in line service 8,900 Kg. at 6,2 Km/hr.
Maximum speed
- in shunting service 42 Km/hr.
- in line service 66 Km/hr.
Weight in operating condition with 2/3 fuel and water supply 39 Ton
Weight per axle 13 Ton

constructional features
The three-axle diesel-hydraulic locomotive, Gr. 235, is a push-pull type with a single, two control-position, operating cab.
Specially designed for switching service with 42 Km/hr. maximum speed, this locomotive has a second gear-ratio which gives a maximum speed of 66 Km/hr. for moving or for making up light trains.
Frame and body in fully welded construction all-steel. The two longitudinal frame members are united by heavy cross members at each end and by several intermediate cross braces.
The OM-FIAT type SDL engine, tested and approved to meet ORE-UIC standards for standard locomotive power plant.
Continuous power 425 HP UIC at 1500 RPM with exhaust gas operated turboblower supercharger.
The engine is a 4-stroke, in-line 6, having a total swept volume of 28.86 liters and is mounted on two longitudinal members which support it through a springing suspension system anchored to the frame.
Hydraulic transmission: double rotation OM-SRM DS 1.2/1.3, featuring high starting torque, high hydraulic efficiency over the entire range of speeds and optional use of direct drive, cutting out the hydraulic converter for high speed running.
Reverse gear unit composed of a set of three bevel gears always in mesh, one of which, when the other is cut out, is rendered solid with the output shaft by a hand-operated shifting lever.
Speed reducer unit having two gear ratios, composed of two sets of spur gears continuously in mesh and selected by a sliding sleeve on the output shaft.
Wheel arrangement with three axles coupled together by driving rods, driven by the drive shaft; leaf spring suspension system, compensated by adjustable hangers and equalizer; axle boxes inside from wheels with plain bearings.
Air brake with automatic, controls and graduated release, supplied by Westinghouse compressor having air capacity of 1420 liters at inlet at 1500 RPM. The braking acts on all weels, through a single shoe for each wheel. Hand brake operates on the same air brake control.
Electrical plant for lighting system and controls operates off 24-Volt DC, supplied by a 280 Amp/hr. lead-cell battery, charged by a 2000 Watt generator.

locations of the principle parts
1. OM-FIAT type SDL engine
2. OM type DS 1.2/1.3 hydraulic transmission
3. Reversing-reducing gear unit
4. Control panel with dashboard for instruments
5. Air compressor for air brakes
6. 24 Volt D.C. generator
7. Engine water cooling radiator
8. Hydraulic transmission oil cooling radiator
9. Exhaust silencer
10. Fuel tank
11. Air reservoir
12. Water level tank
13. Power take-off for drive to ancillary units
14. Battery box
15. Electrical control desk
16. Lockers for tools and spare equipment, etc.
17. Engine air filter

the assembly line

OM works at Brescia - Milan - Suzzara
Sales and service: 20141 Milan - via P. Leoni, 18 - tel. 53.92.541
Stamperia Banchero Printed No. 0121/I - 3-68 The descriptions and illustrations in this catalogue are intended to be merely indicative and in no way as binding on the manufacturers part.