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Luogo di pubblicazione Milano
Tipografo Stamperia Banchero
Data di pubblicazione 1966
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HP 480

Wili ascend gradient of ‰
Speed in K. p. h
A = driving car R = trailer car
Wili ascend gradient of ‰
Speed in K. p. h
Gradients for straight track as a function or the speed under average load for railcars and trailers
weights in working order
Wt. empty running order Ton 47
Average load Ton 7,5
Ton 54,5
Trailer coach
Wt. empty running order Ton 35
Average load Ton 7,5
Ton 42,5

technical characteristics
body completely welded in carbon steel. The sections used being bent or pressed so as to obtain utmost rigidity and lowest weight.
interior of railcar: modern and confortable. Panelling in plastic material. Complete insulation against heat and noises.
Engines OM - type SBD slung under the frame with efficient antivibration suspension. The main characteristics are: 4 stroke, direct injection, 12 cylinders horizontally opposed, bore 160 mm, stroke 200 mm, cubic capacity 48.200 lt. Continuous output 480 HP at 1400 r.p.m. maximum 560 HP.
hydraulic torque converter - OM - Svenska Rotor Maskiner license three stages with double clutch so as to allow direct drive with the mechanical eiastic transmission and exclusion of the hydraulic circuit.
transmission with cardan shaft, differential on bogie and axles with built in an electro-pneumatically controlled reverse gear.
two axle bogies fitted with double leaf springs suspension between bolster beam and bogie frame and with coil springs between bogie frame and the equalizer under the journal boxes, The axles are filted with separate tyres on the wheels having a diameter of 910 mm. The axle boxes are fitted with oscillating type roller bearings and a brace.
cooling of the engine water and of the torque converter oil, by centrifugal fans, which are mechanically driven and have automatic speed adjustment.
fuel fed from three fuel tanks giving a total supply of 750 litres allowing a range of over 1000 Km. at normal speeds and gradients of less than 5‰.
controls are electro-pneumatic from a control-desk for a make up of two railcars and one or two trailer coaches trains.
electrical equipment fed with 190 Amp. - 24 Volt dynamo and 8 batteries giving 6 volts - 230 Amp/hrs each. Diffused type internal lighting. Headlamps fitted with special lights.
heating of interior by warmed air, which is continually changed using heat from the engine cooler system in special air heater units automatically controlled, On the trailer coaches are fitted two automatic boilers supplying 50.000 cal/hr together.
drawgear and buffers of the light type used by the Italian State Railways.
brakes are pneumatic and automatic, a high braking ratio assuring fast action. A geared down hand brake is also fitted. Additional direct acting brake.

general characteristics
Continuous power output of engine HP 480
Range at economical speed above km 1000
Track mm 1435
Total length mm 28000
Body length mm 27320
Body width mm 2800
Bogie pivot pitch mm 20000
Bogie wheel base mm 3200
Weight on track but empty Ton 47
Max. axle load (empty but on rails) kg 12850
Passenger seats N. 88
Min. curve m 90

With normal ratios (for main lines)
Max. speed (with wheels 910 mm diameter) km.p.h. 130
With reduced ratios (for secondary lines)
Max. speed (with wheels 910 mm diameter) km.p.h 90

control desk for two coupled diesel railcars
seats with movable arm-rests and built-in ash-traies
head office milan - works at: brescia- milan suzzara
sales and service: milan - via p. leoni, 18 - tel. 53.92.541
Banchero. Printed No. 056/1 - 1-66