Autore OM
Luogo di pubblicazione Milano
Tipografo Stamperia Banchero
Data di pubblicazione 1968
Descrizione fisica Pagine 4 ; 30x21 cm
Tipologia Pieghevole
Lingua di pubblicazione Inglese
Nazione di pubblicazione Italia
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Gradient as a ‰
A = Driving car
R = Trailer car
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 Speed in Km/h
possible gradients on straight track, versus speed at average load.
weight in service:
A = Kg. 48.500
R = Kg. 32.000
under load
A = Kg. 55.300
R = Kg. 39.200

technical characteristics
all steel body with frame, two sidewalls and roof - completely selfsustaining - special forming of all sections having high rigidity and low weight.
internal finish with large use of plastics - total and efficient thermal and acoustic insulation - doors electropneumatically operated from driver's bench.
driving: two OM-SDH type 4 stroke flat Diesel engines mounted underneath the floor on special suspensions - main characteristics: UIC rated power of each engine 315 HP at 1500 r.p.m., rated on vehicle as 300 HP; 28,85 cubic litres capacity; 6 cylinders in line; bore x stroke: 175x200 mm; fuel consumption 168 grs/HP/hours.
torque converters OM type DS 1,0/1,1, under licence from the Svenska Rotor Maskiner, with double rotation, fitted with clutches allowing direct mechanical drive by exclusion of the hydraulic circuit.
hydraulic braking for slowing down and for reducing speed on downhill.
transmissions to the reversing units of the driving axles with telescopic shafts and cardan joints.
bogies with two axles, fitted with double leaf spring suspension between bolster beams and the frame and with spiral springs between this and the rockers on the axle boxes - axles fitted with wheels for interchangeable tyres, diameter 910 mm - axles mounted on oscillating barrel type roller bearings.
cruising range at 85 Km/h average speed, carrying Kg. 800 of gasoil: nearly Km 750.
electro-pneumatic controls from a single control bench operating four engines to control combination of two railcars and some trailers.
electrical equipment: fed by two 2000 W alternators with transistorized regulator - two batteries of 100 Amp/hour output each circuit tension: 72 Volt - passenger compartments lighted by a continous line of fluorescent lights; other compartments lighted by incandescent lamps - signalling lights fit to take colored glasses - long range central headlight with foot operated flashlight.
heating of the compartments obtained by circulation of warmed air drawn from the engine radiators, pushed by fans placed under the floor - semi-automatic oil operated boilers: fit under the floor to supply hot water to the radiators as heat from the engine cooling systems becomes insufficient - thermostatically controlled temperature - semi-automatic boilers allowing pre-heating engines.
drawgear and buffers of the normal standardised Italian State Railways type for railcars.
intercommunication between coupled cars with or without bellows.
automatic pneumatic brake - hand brake operated from the driver's bench.

general characteristics
continuous power output of the engines HP 600
range at commercial speed Km 750
gauge mm 1.435
total length mm 25.400
body length mm 24.600
body width mm 2.852
distance between bogie pivots mm 17.000
bogie wheelbase mm 3.000
weight, empty in running order Kg 48.500
seats No 73
minimum curve radius m 90
max. speed Km/h 113

Two independent units supply the drive to the driving axle of the bogie.

1st class
2nd class
OM Works at Brescia - Milan - Suzzara
Sales and service: 20141 Milan - via P. Leoni, 18 - tel. 53.92.541
N. 0194/I - 4-68 Stamperia Banchero The descriptions and illustrations in this catalogue are intended as being purely indicative and not binding on the manufactures.