Autore OM
Luogo di pubblicazione Milano
Tipografo Stamperia Banchero
Data di pubblicazione 1968
Descrizione fisica Pagine 4 ; 30x21 cm
Tipologia Pieghevole
Lingua di pubblicazione Inglese
Nazione di pubblicazione Italia
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Will ascend gradient of ‰

A = Driving car R = Trailer car

0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110
Speed in K.p.h

Admissible straight gradients as a function of the driving car speed and average loading.
weight in running order
A = kg. 42.500
R = kg. 23.650
under load
A = kg. 49.650
R = kg. 29.100

technical characteristics
body all steel, comprising a frame, two sidewalls and a roof - all completely sustaining. Sections have been designed specially so as to give greatest rigidity and low weight.
interior large use of plastic materials - total and efficient thermal and acoustic insulation - doors electro-pneumatically controlled from driver's bench.
engines: two OM BXD-UL, 4 stroke, direct injection, double turbulence turboblower supercharged fitted under the floor with a special hanging resilient suspension. Main characteristics: continuous power output of each engine: 210 HP at 1.500 r.p.m., six cylinders set at 8° to the horizontal; 130 mm bore; 180 mm stroke; fuel consumption of 0.17 kg per HP/hour.
torque converters OM type DF 1,15, Svenska Rotor Maskiner licence three stage hydraulic system, fitted with double clutch so as to allow direct drive through the mechanical connection with exclusion of the hydraulic circuit.
transmission to the reverse gears of the driving axles with telescopic shafts fitted with cardan joints with inter-position of two free whells which cannot be locked and are connected in the hydraulic torque converter.
two axles bogies fitted with double leaf spring suspension between the swing beam and the bogie frame and with helical springs between this and the axle boxes. The axles are fitted with wheels for changeable tyres, diameter 910 mm - the axle boxes are with spherical roller bearings.
cruising range at an average speed of 85 K.p.h. with 600 Kg. of fuel oil is about Km. 750.
electro-pneumatic controls operating from a single driver's bench until four engines for a hook up of two driving cars and one or two trailers.
the electrical system is fed from two dynamos of 2000 W each mounted on the engines and by two 100 Amp/hour capacity batteries; the Voltage of the circuit being 72 V. - the passenger compartments are illuminated by built in continuous fluorescent lamps - the signalling lights are designed for a change of coloured glasses; the central headlamp gives a long light beam - flashing light operated by pedal.
heating of the compartments is by circulation of hot air taken off the engine cooling radiators, this air being drawn by electroblowers placed under the floor, air inlet through openings in the window frames, automatic oil fired boilers also fitted under the floor level supply hot water to the radiators whenever there is, for the moment, insufficient heat to be obtained from the cooling circuit of the engines - the temperature being thermostat controlled - automatic boilers permit pre-heating of engines and the interior of railcar.
drawgear and buffers of the standardised Italian State Railways type for railcars.
intercommunication between adjacent cars can be with or without the usual type of bellows for railcars.
aircompressed braking is graduated and automatic - the hand brake is operated from the driver's cabin.

general characteristics
Continuous power output of engines HP. 420
Cruising range at commercial speeds Km. 750
Track mm. 1435
Total length mm. 25400
Length of body mm. 24600
Width of body mm. 2852
Distance between bogie centre pins mm. 17000
Bogie wheelbase mm. 3000
Weight in running order Kg. 42500
No. of seats N. 73
Minimum radius for curves m. 90
Max. speed km/h 110

1st class
2nd class

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