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Treno 8017. Il più grave disastro ferroviario italiano


Articolo tratto da: The New York Times - New York, giovedì 23 marzo 1944, pagina 6


Treno 8017 - The New York Times - New York, giovedì 23 marzo 1944


Italian Disaster in Which 426
Died Is Termed 'Act of God'

By Wireless to The New York Times.

NAPLES, Italy, March 22. - The railway tragedy on March 3, in which 426 deaths occurred, according to final official figures, was attributed today to an "act of God" by an investigating board of officers.

The train became stalled in the tunnel somewhere in the central portion of occupied Italy on account of slippery rails and the crewmen were overcome by fumes before they could get it going again.

"The catastrophe resulted from a combination of natural causes, such as murky atmospheric conditions and lack of any wind velocity preventing natural ventilation of the tunnel", the report said.

Carbon monoxide acted with deadly speed, the report continued, and "there is every justification for saying that this accident should properly be classified, in legal phraseology, as an acto of God rather than negligence or machine failure."