[Railway reconstruction Italy 1943-1946 published by Royal Engineers, 1946]

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Chapter I

Section I.
Staff and service organisation

4. - Allied Railway Board.

In order to assist control and coordination of all current and planned requirements, military and civil, for the Italian Railways, an organizations knows as «The Allied Railway Board, Italy» was set up in January, 1945. The Board was composed of representatives of A.F.H.Q., (G-4 Mov. & Tn), M.R.S., A.C. and I.S.R.

The terms of reference of the Board as defined in the convening order were:

a) The co-ordination of measures contributing to the early restoration of the Italian Railways and their progressive return to civilian operation and control.

b) Submission of recommendations for executive action to the authority concerned.

c) Assistance, as required, to D.M.R.S., Italy, in the solution of those day to day railway problems, which arise from non-military requirements.

At its inaugural meeting, the Board established separate working committees to deal with Traffic, Equipment, Stores, Finance and Construction.

The work of the Board has undoubtedly been a success. Although it would be difficult to point to any particular achievements, on its part, it has promoted a better and closer understanding and co-operation between all the interested parties and by free discussion has reduced correspondence and delay and avoided misunderstandings which are so apt to arise when dealing in different languages.

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[Railway reconstruction Italy 1943-1946 published by Royal Engineers, 1946]

Alessandro Tuzza